SBA is able to help with various projects from start to finish. We have an extensive experience and expertise from large turnkey contracts to smaller sub-projects in hotels, office buildings, apartment complexes and extensions. We staff projects in terms of scope and complexity with project manager, design manager, architects, consultants, construction managers, foremen and required number of performing craftsmen as well as subcontractors.



SBA’s project managers have a comprehensive competence in the designing and planning the projects. In an initial phase, this often happens in a close dialogue with the client to ensure that all the details and nuances addressed and planned. We invest a lot of time in this phase, as solid design is essential to secure and manage the implementation of the project.


SBA ensures the interests of builders in all stages from start to completion. Our project managers master the course, the purely technical construction and professional engineering. In addition, seeing and understanding individual partners in the project, ensuring a good interaction and seeking good unity to ensure the best possible result which also gives us feedback that we can learn from.


Our clear ambition is for all projects to be implemented within the agreed framework for finances, quality and time. Using good project tools and good routines, we ensure that progress is characterized by the highest possible precision and planning. We can also prove that all the documents are filed accordingly and have accurate records. The construction process is part of the hotel or other building project.


During the project and also after the building is complete, we are conducting a thorough inspection rounds together with the client. This is to ensure that all the elements were planned together are actually fulfilled. according to the order. We strive for a transparent and professional attitude in all aspects of the cooperation with the client. And not just in the important phase of the process, but also when the building is handed over.