Clarion Collection Tollboden Totalrenovering av hotellet

Developer: Midstar

Year / Period: Mars 2022 – Juni 2023

Enterprise: Totalenterprise

Location: Drammen, Norge

– Renovation of 66 bathrooms and 84 rooms

– New extension in atrium – 4 new rooms

– Reconstruction of 4 floors, from gym to 6 new hotel rooms

– Establishment of a new hotel room on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors (a total of 3)

–  Renovation of corridors

– Renovation of common areas (reception, lobby, restaurant)

– Establishment of a new escape route from the 4th floor

– Establishment of a gym in the basement

– Renovation of meeting room/conference

– Renovation of communal toilets

– Furniture delivery in rooms and common areas