SBA AS was established in 1992 and has been traditional and skilled carpentry company for many years. It was always taking care within their field in a professional and elaborating way.

The company was developing very fast recently. Also there were qualified statistic‘s turnovers – it has been a conscious commitments and increase of competence. Today we are working mainly as a contractor – construction business area and renovation of hotels. There are many major hotel chains amongst our costumers. Mainly our activity is related to the projects of hotels in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

We have many years experience as an executive contractor. The hotel owners and managers of hotels real estate would lead us to deliver efficient and smooth implementation of all types of projects.

We use our province, proficiency and system for the process and results of the projects by agreed time and reasonable price. Comprehensive descriptions are not always necessary for the  accomplished projects. We already know what sort of quality is expected from a demanding and a highly dynamic builder.

SBA AS takes care of the three most important things in social part:

  • Economic value
  • Social Responsibility
  • Environmental considerations

We have an internal staff of 18 highly motivated and skilled employees who have been with us for many years. In addition, we have a large network of specialists in other relevant disciplines. We supply workers in carrying out the projects to a certain level starting from any extent and advancement. Some of our biggest projects have results in a total workforce of around 150 workers – this requires great expertise and experience to ensure an effective and good implementation.

Some of our principles and objectives:

  • SBA AS is a safe and secure workplace where company and the individual has the right, duty and responsibility to contribute to a good and inclusive workplace.
  • SBA AS is a quality, comfort and safety.
  • SBA AS aims to be a leading company in health, safety and environment.
  • SBA AS should develop their knowledge in the main fields of their work.
  • SBA AS is taking care of their customers, employees and owners in a business wise in ethically correct manner.
  • SBA AS’ s values are well established in openness, respect, responsibility.


In SBA AS we believe, that

  • The most important and valuable asset of an enterprise is manpower or human resource. Health plays an important role in job efficiency and workers’ job satisfaction.
  • In order to prevent accidents and health injuries, the company highly values health, safety and security of human resources. SBA AS would prefer to create comfortable work environment in a workplace.
  • Environmental health safety is profitable.
  • There are no accidents, they are caused by.
  • All the injuries might be avoided.